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Welfare Reform on the Web (November 2005): Community Regeneration and Development - UK

Community development and urban regeneration

S. Murdoch

Community Development Journal, vol.40, 2005, p.439-446

Article begins with an overview of the evolution of urban regeneration and its links to community development in Scotland. It then goes on to focus on the situation of Dundee, which has experienced every regeneration initiative ever established and describes the various models which have been used to promote community involvement in regeneration programmes.

Community development workers (CDWs) for black and minority ethnic communities: education and training: supplementary guidance

Department of Health

London: 2005 (Mental health policy implementation guide)

Guidance provides a framework for the delivery of appropriate education and training for community development workers for black and minority ethnic communities.

Local community on trial

A. Amin

Economy and Society, vol.34, 2005, p.612-633

The New Labour government in the UK has sought to promote both social cohesion and competitiveness through market liberalisation and deregulation. It has introduced measures to boost the competitiveness of disadvantaged regions. It has spawned a new localism underpinned by policies to build regional capacity through the promotion of locally rooted activity such as industrial clusters, technopoles and local knowledge transfer, harnessed to institutions of regional promotion such as regional assemblies and development agencies. These economic policies have been accompanied by measures to rebuild social cohesion and capital which are seen to be lacking in deprived areas. Hard-pressed localities are seen as having a responsibility to regenerate themselves through the promotion of community cohesion, local trust and active citizenship. Community spirit of the approved kind is seen as essential for local regeneration.

Prescott plan is social cleansing, says minister

C. Clover

The Daily Telegraph, October 17th 2005, p.2

A Minister has told a public enquiry that the demolition of 367 mostly Victorian homes as part of a regeneration scheme funded by John Prescott's department amounts to the "social cleansing" of her constituency in Liverpool. The remarks, by Jane Kennedy, the Labour MP for Wavertree, reveal disquiet within the Government about Mr Prescott's troubled housing renewal scheme, which has been criticised as expensive, unnecessary and based on flawed public consultation.

Regeneration and sustainability: the new language of planning

A. Hudson and T. Evans

Urban Design International, vol.10, 2005, p.87-94

An architect and a consultant discuss the development of a vision for sustainable urban development and participatory consultation in the Borough of Slough.

Rural crisis, good practice and community development responses

M. Horton

Community Development Journal, vol.40, 2005, p.425-432

Across Europe, rural communities are in decline due to the disappearance of the traditional family farm. Article briefly summarises problems faced by hill farming areas, market towns, coastal towns, ex-industrial villages and the rural/urban fringe. From a UK point of view, it goes on to discuss the role of community development in promoting economic diversification, supporting women in their contribution to the local economy, and identifying and measuring rural deprivation.

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