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Welfare Reform on the Web (November 2005): Community Regeneration and Development - Overseas

All is one: healthy communities and a sustainable future

P. Kajner

Community Development Journal, vol.40, 2005, p.447-452

Presents examples of projects in Hungary and Norway which link community development and environmental protection.

Community development, local economic development and the social economy

M. Lukkarinen

Community Development Journal, vol.40, 2005, p.419-424

Article considers the role of the "social economy" in European countries in local economic development and combating social exclusion. The social economy is composed of people-centred organisations and companies owned and run by their members. It includes co-operative enterprises, mutual societies and associations. It can help to boost local employment, and provide jobs for disadvantaged and marginalised groups. Rooted at the local level, the social economy promotes partnership and co-operation with local authorities, trades unions and private companies.

Community development policy and legislation: the Dutch case

K. Vos

Community Development Journal, vol.40, 2005, p.405-418

Article presents an overview of the evolution of community development in the Netherlands from 1926 to the present day. From 1994 much responsibility for social policy has been devolved to the municipalities, which are expected to develop local solutions to local problems. The present government has announced that it will develop a new law on social support, which is expected to make local authorities responsible for constructing a safety net for citizens who do not succeed in solving their problems on their own or in combination with help from their families, friends and the voluntary sector.

Social policy and community development in multicultural contexts

C. Riera

Community Development Journal, vol.40, 2005, p.433-438

Article describes the functions of an innovative intercultural community mediation service in Barcelona. The service gives support to local professionals, indigenous communities and immigrant groups to resolve actual conflicts, to prevent conflicts from developing, and to encourage peaceful co-existence.

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