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Welfare Reform on the Web (November 2005): Social Security - UK

Contributing on equal terms: service user involvement and the benefits system

M. Turner and P. Beresford

London: Social Care Institute for Excellence, 2005

Report looks at the difficulties service users face in being paid for their contribution to reviewing, planning and developing services and the difficulties payments cause with the benefits system.

Mobilising Britainís missing workforce: unemployment, incapacity benefit and the regions

S. Fothergill and J. Grieve Smith

Catalyst, 2005

Report highlights the very high numbers of people on Incapacity Benefit in the declining industrial areas of the North, Scotland and Wales. This reflects hidden unemployment on a grand scale. It is argued that stronger regional economic policy is needed to deliver more jobs to areas where Incapacity Benefit claimants are concentrated.

Treasury stalls recovery of tax credit payments

C. Adams

Financial Times, October 27th 2005, p.2

The Treasury has agreed to halt demands for repayment of overpaid tax credits until disputes with claimants are resolved. The new procedures would apply to both existing and new cases and the Revenue would aim to complete all inquiries and come to a decision in all cases within four weeks. The decision would ease pressure on families affected by a sudden drop in income.

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