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Welfare Reform on the Web (December 2005): Care of the Elderly - Overseas

Japan moves to protect the elderly

C. Joyce

The Daily Telegraph, Nov. 2nd 2005, p.18

Japan passed its first law to prevent abuse of the elderly people in homes as well as those living with relatives. Elder abuse covers not only physical assaults but also verbal abuse, abandonment, neglect and mismanagement of property and is seen as an increasingly serious problem in Japan.

What happened to the care of older persons in Sweden? A retrospective analysis based upon simulation model calculations, 1985-2000

M. Lagergren

Health Policy, vol.74, 2005, p.314-324

A computer model has been developed that, by combining different national and local data sets, describes the development of the Swedish health and social care system for older people in terms of service provision and cost per needs group according to age, gender, marital status and degree of disability. The model works in five-year steps and consists of a retrospective part covering 1985-2000 and a prospective part covering 2003-2030. The model shows that despite a large increase in the number of older persons, there has not so far been a substantial increase in care needs. The number of persons with severe ill-health is basically unchanged. Municipalities reduced services during the 1990s due to financial constraints and raised eligibility criteria so that only those with the most severe needs received them.

Whither care of older persons in Sweden? A prospective analysis based upon simulation model calculations, 2000-2030

M. Lagergren

Health Policy, vol.74, 2005, p.325-334

Sweden expects the number of frail older persons to increase substantially in the coming decades. The main impact will be felt after 2020 with an increase in the numbers of the oldest age groups. Clearly there will be a need to increase resources devoted to the care of frail older people. However predicted cost increases vary widely depending on the assumptions made about the extent to which the health of the elderly population will improve. Article describes the results of a simulation of four different scenarios.

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