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Welfare Reform on the Web (December 2005): Care Welfare - Overseas

Implementation of parent management training at the national level: the case of Norway

T. Ogden and others

Journal of Social Work Practice, vol.19, 2005, p.317-329

This article describes early aspects of the national implementation of the Parent Management Training, Oregon Model in Norway and the design for studying programme fidelity over time. The project is a combination of a "top down" initiative at central government level and a "bottom up" initiative from practitioners seeking effective interventions for the remediation of behaviour problems in children. The main components of the implementation strategy were to: 1) establish a national implementation and research centre; 2) provide for regional and local participation at county and municipal levels; 3) establish a comprehensive therapist recruitment and training programme; 4) create a network for collaboration, supervision and quality control; 5) conduct clinical outcome research; and 6) study the implementation process.

Institutional fragmentation and Scandinavian childcare variations

D. Rauch

Journal of Public Policy, vol.25, 2005, p.367-394

With the rise of the new institutionalism, institutional fragmentation has been highlighted as a cause of welfare state variations. Typically, institutional fragmentation of decision-making is assumed to occur in federal states, but not in unitary and parliamentary states. Using childcare as a case study, article shows how institutional fragmentation can affect the outcome of social policies in the unitary and parliamentary states of Scandinavia. Implementation of central government childcare policy in Scandinavian countries gives, to varying degrees, municipalities and non-governmental organisations opportunities and incentives to veto proposals.

Promoting proactive services and an intersectoral approach on behalf of children: an important new South African initiative

C.R. Matthias

International Social Work, vol.48, 2005, p.753-762

African countries need to develop mechanisms for the practical implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The South African draft Children's Bill of 2002 introduced an innovative new service delivery mechanism, the national policy framework. This requires South African government agencies to work together with the Department of Social Development to provide proactive services for children.

Spanish childcare services: trends in the role of social enterprises, participation and governance

N. Claver

International Journal of Public Administration, vol.28, 2005, p.827-833

Author analyses the evolution of public participation in childcare services in Spain and the reasons for changes in this. Public participation has evolved from an initial role of backers and promoters of new services delivered by third-sector organisations during Spain's transition to democracy to uneven involvement in multi-stakeholder governing bodies integrated in public services.

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