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Welfare Reform on the Web (December 2005): Social Care - UK - Community Care

Act of guidance

E. Cass

Community Care, Oct. 27th -Nov.2nd 2005, p.38-39

The Social Care Institute for Excellence has launched a new practice guide on implementing the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004. For each topic area the guide includes key research and policy findings, and recommendations for practice.

Carers' perspectives on the Internet: implications for social and health care service provision

J. Read and C. Blackburn

British Journal of Health Care Management, vol.35, 2005, p.1175-1192

Data are reported from the Carers Online postal survey of 3,014 adult carers and from an assisted access study of 60 other adults who had been given training and cost free Internet access at home. Only half of the survey respondents reported ever having used the Internet on at least one occasion for purposes related to both caring and other aspects of their lives. Barriers to use identified by both users and non-users included lack of access to equipment and the Internet, difficulties with equipment and systems, cost, lack of time, and lack of interest or skill. All of the assisted access group had used the Internet for a range of purposes. Key benefits identified included convenience, speed and range of information available, while problems with equipment, systems and time constraints were major barriers to effective Internet use. Authors conclude that, while direct Internet access has some benefits for some carers, it should currently be only one of a number of ways of meeting their information needs.

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