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Welfare Reform on the Web (January 2006): Education - UK - Higher

Changing higher education: the development of learning and teaching

P. Ashwin (editor)
London: Routledge, 2006

The book examines the many changes that have taken place in learning and teaching in higher education and offers insights into how they might develop in the future. It focuses on five key areas:

  • Changes in higher education and ways of thinking about learning and teaching that have occurred over the last 30 years.
  • Analysis of students’ learning in higher education.
  • Examination of learning technologies.
  • Development of the accreditation and scholarship of teaching.
  • The future development of learning and teaching in higher education.

Collaborative partnership in the higher education curriculum:  a cross-sector study of foundation degree development

R. Foskett
Research in Post-Compulsory Education, vol.10, 2005, p.351-372

The article presents the findings of a case study of foundation degree development by consortia involving employer groups in the private and public sector, six further education colleges and a research-led university.  It highlights some of the barriers to effective curriculum change within partnership contexts, such as cultural disparities and the diversity of expectations between the stakeholders.  It also considers some of the benefits that accrue, such as the creativity generated by the variety of problem-solving approaches used by different partners.

From life crisis to lifelong learning: rethinking working-class ‘drop-out’ from higher education

J. Quinn and others
York: Joseph Rowntree, 2005

The report covers ‘drop-out’ amongst young working class people from four post-1992 universities in disadvantaged areas. It analyses what students, lecturers, student support staff, employers and community representatives think are the causes and impacts of ‘drop-out’.

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