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Welfare Reform on the Web (February 2006): Education - UK - Training

Academy to teach children respect

M. Giannagneli

Daily Telegraph, January 9th 2006, p.4

The Education Secretary is to announce plans developed by the National Parenting Academy training community and social workers to help parents spot and prevent the growth of problem behaviour. The plan sits within government's 'respect' agenda.

[See also Daily Telegraph, January 10th 2006, .p.5]

Further reading

J. McHugh

Public Finance, Nov.18th-24th 2005, p.22-25

Report of an interview with Sir Andrew Foster, author of a recent review of further education in England commissioned by the government in 2004. The Foster review recommended that further education should focus on equipping individuals with marketable skills. In order to enable them to assume this new role, Foster calls for tough action on failing colleges, a simplification of the regulatory regime, closer relationships between colleges and employers, and measures to develop the teaching workforce. Article concludes with comment from a range of experts in the field.

The Leitch Review on Skills

N. Branosky and S. Moley

Working Brief, issue 170, Dec./Jan 2006, p.16-17

The interim report of this review shows that the UK compares badly to most nations in its skills levels, and despite record investment in education since 1997, is likely to be still trailing competitor countries in 2020. It also describes the way in which poor skills levels adversely impact on employment and regional and local disadvantage. Finally, there are suggestions that individuals and employers will in future be expected to contribute more to the cost of training.

Minister backs skills support for staff

M. Green

Financial Times, January 10th 2006, p.2

Minister signals that employees may receive government money for university vocational courses as research shows skills shortages threaten business.

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