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Welfare Reform On the Web (March 2006) : Education - UK- Training

R. Smithers

Guardian, January 24th 2006, p.1

Higher spending is needed for real improvements to adult literacy and numeracy according to the Public Accounts Committee which finds little output from the Skills for Life scheme which has already cost billions. Around sixteen million working adults have primary school level skills.

C. Hall

Daily Telegraph, February 15th 2006, p.10

A quarter of nursing students, often juggling family life, study and clinical placements and struggling with mortgages, do not complete their training, a waste both of motivated students and public money according to opinions and figures in this article which conflict with government numbers.

[See also Times, February 15th 2006, p.23; Guardian, February 15th 2006, , p.13]

J. Crace

Education Guardian, February 7th 2006, p.9

Ofsted finds that the practical element of “Initial Teacher Training” courses for further education teachers is poor while weaknesses identified in 2003 have not been remedied. Voluntary and often inadequate mentoring is highlighted along with senior managers’ failure to recognise that attention to ITT courses will raise teaching standards in their own institution.

Committee of Public Accounts

London: TSO, 2006 (House of Commons papers, session 2005/6; HC 602)

The Learning and Skills Council has the responsibility for funding and monitoring of the learning and skills sector. Its Agenda for Change is taking forward a number of reforms, including simplifying the funding arrangements, improving the quality of provision and working more closely with employers. The report examines progress made so far and makes recommendations for the future.

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