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Welfare Reform on the Web (April 2006): Services for the Disabled - UK

Department for Education and Skills and Department of Health

London: DH Publications, 2005

This is the new exemplar on complex disability which forms part of the National Service Framework on Children, Young People and Maternity Services. It should help to ensure that children with complex disabilities receive better and more co-ordinated education, health and social care. It aims to improve local practice in the commissioning and delivery of services for disabled children and act as a training tool for staff working with children with complex needs.

Working futures?: disabled people, policy and social inclusion

A. Roulstone and C. Barnes (editors)

Bristol: Policy Press, 2005

The book looks at the current effectiveness and future scope for enabling policy in the field of disability and employment. By addressing the current strengths and weaknesses of disability and employment policy, the book asks: Is the dichotomy of ‘work for those who can and support for those who cannot’ appropriate to the lives of disabled people? Does current and recent policy reduce or reinforce barriers to paid employment? What lessons from other welfare regimes can we draw on to further disabled peoples’ working futures?

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