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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2006): Community Regeneration and Development - UK

Housing stock transfer: investing in renewal as a tool for sustainable regeneration

R. Smith

Housing Studies, vol.21, 2006, p.269-282

Paper makes the case that stock transfer, by offering the opportunity for significantly higher levels of investment in existing social housing than would be possible if it remained in council ownership, offers the prospect of both physical improvement of the housing and wider contributions to local regeneration. These would include opportunities for local people to train as builders and then gain employment on housing renewal schemes and also health gains from improved living conditions. Evidence is drawn from Wales’ first large scale voluntary transfer of council housing from Bridgend CBC to Valleys to Coast Housing to support this contention.

The role of housing stock transfer organisations in neighbourhood regeneration: exploring the relationship between regeneration, 'new localism', and social networks

P. Card and J. Mudd

Housing Studies, vol.21, 2006, p.253-267

This paper defines stock transfer organisations and argues that they have a pivotal role in accessing funding for the social and economic regeneration of their communities. It explores the changing policy context within which stock transfer organisations are working, emphasising the growing importance of partnership and network building to accessing regeneration resources. Bourdieu’s notion of habitus, ie social, economic and cultural capital is used to explore the differential approaches of these organisations to regeneration and their differing levels of network involvement.

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