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Welfare Reform on the Web (May 2006): Social security - UK - New Deal

J. Casebourne, S. Davia and R. Page

Department for Work and Pensions, 2006 (Research report; no.328)

The Action Teams programme is designed to help people find work by using discretionary funding innovatively and imaginatively and by targeting the most disadvantaged areas and the most excluded groups. Action Teams work in partnership with the private and voluntary sectors and typically provide an outreach service located in the community away from Jobcentre Plus offices. The range of services offered includes job search advice, financial support with such matters as travel to work and childcare costs, and referrals to other services such as debt counselling and vocational training. The research shows that the Action Teams have been effective in helping people find jobs. From their inception in June 2000 to September 2005 they had helped over 154,000 clients into work.

(For summary see Working Brief, issue 173, 2006, p.17-19)

What have we learnt about mental health and employment?

J. Secker, B. Grove and P. Seebohm

Mental Health Review, vol.11, March 2006, p.8-15

Presents summaries of research evidence on who can benefit from vocational interventions, mental health service users’ motivation to work, how they can be helped to find and keep a job and how unemployment can be prevented in the first place. Practice evidence is then used to show how effective services aimed at supporting people with mental health problems to return to or maintain contact with the labour market can be developed.

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