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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2006): Pensions - UK

Demographic ageing and flexibility in retirement: a lesson from the UK

P. Ring

Pensions International, no.81, 2006, p.8-10

The UK government has enacted a range of reforms that encourage people to work longer, seek to improve employment rates among the over-fifties and aim to provide better information about retirement options. The emphasis has been on the responsibility and empowerment of the individual to plan for his/her own retirement. It is concluded that the reforms will largely benefit already privileged sections of the population.

Why are older women in the UK poor?

D. Price

Quality in Ageing, vol.7, no.2, June 2006, p.23-32

This article shows how little state pension, private pension and other sources of income current cohorts of older women have accumulated in their own right. Official statistics combine women’s incomes with those of their male partners, thus concealing their personal poverty. This only emerges when they are divorced or widowed. Widows are relatively poorer than older women who have never been married, but divorcees are the poorest of all. Social policies improving basic pension provision to all women in later life are urgently needed.

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