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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2006): Social care - overseas

Globalization and global justice: towards a social work of resistance

I. Fergusson and M. Lavalette

International Social Work, vol.49, 2006, p.309-318

Social workers have become demoralised and disillusioned due to the transformation of their role following the imposition of neoliberal policies. Authors call for the construction of a new paradigm for social work out of elements of traditional social work, radical social work, and the experience of new social movements, both user-led and anti-capitalist, in a kind of Hegelian synthesis.

The role of registration in ensuring ethical practice

J. Orme and G. Rennie

International Social Work, vol.49, 2006, p.333-344

In 2004 both New Zealand and the UK introduced arrangements for the registration of social workers. This article describes the arrangements, requirements and processes of registration in both countries. In doing so it has sought to analyse the extent to which codes of ethics have accompanied the registration process. It has noted that registration can be seen as a defensive process to restore battered public trust in social workers and as such can be regarded as part of a managerialist agenda involving an increasing technicalisation of the profession. This is in part evidenced by the development of codes of practice and codes of conduct that supersede codes of ethics.

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