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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2006): Social security - UK

Incapacity benefit reform

A. McGuire and L. Reith

Disability Rights Bulletin, Spring 2006, p.2-4

McGuire sets out the government’s rationale for its Incapacity Benefit reform proposals presented in the green paper A New Deal for Welfare while Reith comments on behalf of the Disability Alliance.

Long-term benefits reform: should a single working-age benefit be the aim?

R. Sainsbury

Disability Rights Bulletin, Spring 2006, .p.5-7

The author proposes simplifying the social security system by introducing a single benefit for all unemployed adults, including those unable to work. The new working age system would operate under a single set of rules, with benefit paid at a standard basic rate (with additions based on defined circumstances, e.g. severe disability). The benefit would also remain the same over time, ie no higher long-term rates. Claimants willing and able to undertake paid work would be supported by an individualised action plan to help them enter the job market. Those unwilling to work, but able to do so, might not be eligible for state support.

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