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Welfare reform on the Web (September 2006): Care of the elderly - Overseas

Dementia management in France: health care and support services in the community

I. Cantegreil-Kallen and others

Dementia, vol.5, 2006, p.317-326

In France, community-based services for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their carers are co-ordinated by the GP. This article reports the results of a survey of 1629 G Ps which investigated the interventions that they “prescribed”. Fifty per cent of patients were treated with acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitors and the following other support services were used: home help (63%), nursing care (46%) and physiotherapy (35%). Although GPs acknowledged carers’ need of respite and emotional support, interventions such as day care and psychotherapy were rarely offered.

The role of state and family in the living conditions of older people in urban China: changing attitudes and outcomes

P. Saunders

Social Policy and Society, vol.5, 2006, p.359-372

Data from the 2000 Sample Survey of the Aged Populations in Urban and Rural China indicate that, although there have been substantial improvements in the overall living conditions and economic prosperity of the majority of older people, marked differences remain in the economic circumstances of sub-groups classified by age and, more particularly, gender. Although their objective economic circumstances have improved, many older people remain wedded to traditional attitudes and patterns of behaviour. Few of today’s retirees have had the opportunity to provide for themselves in old age, and many remain reliant on cash and care support provided by family members. The role and significance of the pension system is likely to grow as the process of development gradually erodes the availability of family support.

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