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Welfare reform on the Web (September 2006): Services for the disabled - UK

Cash for care lifts off

M. Henwood and B. Hudson

Community Care, July 27th-Aug. 2nd 2006, p.34-35

The Independent Living Fund for severely disabled people was the first cash-for-care programme and paved the way for subsequent developments such as direct payments and individual budgets. The Department for Work and Pensions has commissioned a review to address the issue of whether a non-departmental public body such as the ILF continues to be the best way to deliver the service, and, if so, how delivery can be improved.

“The council is picking on us”

G. Carson

Community Care, Aug.10th-16th 2006, p.30-31

Cash-strapped Wiltshire County Council has withdrawn direct payments to disabled people for leisure opportunities. This article reports on how the cuts have affected service users and their staff.

In control: the story so far

H. Sanderson and others

Journal of Integrated Care, vol.14, Aug.2006, p.3-13

In Control is a system of self-directed support for disabled people. This article describes the thinking underpinning In Control and the move from a professional gift model to a citizenship model of support. It presents the latest version of the system, what has been learned from the first six demonstration projects, and information from questionnaires capturing some of the outcomes for people.

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