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Welfare reform on the Web (September 2006): Social housing - UK

Home is where the hearth is: grant recipients’ views of England’s home energy efficiency scheme (Warm Front)

J. Gilbertson and others

Social Science and Medicine, vol.63, 2006, p.946-956

The Warm Front scheme is targeted at low-income households and provides grants for the improvement of home insulation and heating in the private rented and owner occupier sectors. As part of the national evaluation of the scheme, semi-structured interviews were carried out with a sample of 49 households which had received home energy improvements in five urban areas. Results showed that improved emotional security (resulting from the relief of feelings of anxiety about the home environment) and the improvement in warmth were key to both physical and mental well-being. Householders appeared to have an increased sense of control, self-esteem and a more positive sense of their home. There were also some reports of the easing of symptoms of chronic illnesses.

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