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Welfare reform on the Web (September 2006): Social security - UK - New Deal

City strategies:  this is modern welfare delivery

J. Hutton

Working Brief, issue 175, 2006, p.12-14

Transcript of a speech by John Hutton, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, in which he advocates local initiatives and solutions to tackle pockets of high unemployment. However, the development of local solutions is being hampered by lack of flexibility in the system and the complexity of accessing funding. The Minister then introduces the new City Strategy which will pool existing funding streams and create new flexibilities for local partners to work together to tackle unemployment in their communities.

Equal: emerging messages from development partnerships

L. Bell and L. Thomas

Working Brief, issue 175, 2006, p.18-26

Equal is a European Social Fund Community Initiative supporting projects which test and promote new ways of combating discrimination and inequalities in the labour market. Equal projects support groups most disadvantaged in the labour market, including women, ethnic minorities, disabled people, older people, ex-offenders and drug and alcohol misusers. Equal projects are implemented by strategic partnerships called Development Partnerships which run for two to three years. This article briefly lists and describes all the current Equal activities in the UK.

Local labour markets: looking ahead

N. Branosky and M. Morrin

Working Brief, issue 175, 2006, p.28-29

This article begins by looking at how the London Borough of Brent and its local employment and skills partners are working to ensure that local workers are equipped with the skills needed access the employment opportunities that will be generated by the new Wembley Stadium. The authors go on to introduce an innovative project in Merseyside which is seeking ways to move people from the flourishing informal economy to formal activity.

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