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Welfare reform on the Web (February 2007): Community regeneration and development - overseas

Building community capacity in governance and decision making

M. Van Der Plaat and G. Barrett

Community Development Journal, vol.41, 2006, p.25-36

Civil society is generally understood as the realm within which people can participate collectively and work towards a common interest. This article examines mechanisms for involving marginalised groups in this process, focusing on parents’ experiences with two of Canada’s largest community-based health promotion programmes for children.

The community development potential of large health services organizations

B.B. Longest

Community Development Journal, vol.41, 2006, p.89-103

Large health care organisations can strengthen the communities that they serve by engaging in community development work. They can also gain a number of business benefits by participating. Beyond this, uniquely, health service organisations can fulfil their central health-enhancing purposes through their community development work. The health of a population can be expected to improve as the quality of community life is enhanced through community development work by healthcare organisations.

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