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Welfare reform on the Web (February 2007): Social housing - UK


S. Ellery

Roof, Jan./Feb. 2007, p.22-24

Since government brought in new powers for police to quickly close down premises where crack cocaine and heroin are being dealt, more than 500 so-called crack dens have been shut down. However, drug dealers are now targeting vulnerable social and private rented housing tenants, mainly the elderly or those with mental health problems. They move into vulnerable tenants’ homes and continue their criminal activities. The problem is illustrated through a case study of Hackney Crackdown Project.

Decent homes for all: planning’s evolving role in housing provision

N. Gallent and M. Tewdwr-Jones

Abingdon: Routledge, 2007

The book discusses how the planning system, historically and in recent times, has shaped and impacted upon the delivery of new housing in the UK. It focuses on housing supply, on the quality and form of residential development, on affordability, and on the changing nature of planning itself. It examines the antecedents and evolution of the modern housing debate, and addresses a number of fundamental questions about the current ‘housing crisis’:

  • Why have we moved away from state housing provision?
  • How might the current crisis in housing affordability be addressed through planning policy?
  • Why has recent debate broadened to encompass the idea of ‘sustainable communities’?
  • How will we deliver high quality, affordable housing in the future?
  • And what role should the evolving planning system play in delivering decent homes?

I want that one

N. Merrick

Public Finance, Jan. 12th - 18th 2007, p.22-24

This article describes a choice-based lettings scheme for social housing in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Every two weeks social housing applicants pick up a free newspaper listing properties available. They then bid for up to three homes using the Internet, post telephone or text. Applicants who find the bidding process confusing are supported by a customer services team.

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