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Welfare reform on the Web (February 2007): Mental health services - overseas

Community mental health: challenges for the 21st century

J. Rosenberg and S. Rosenberg (editors)

Abingdon: Routledge, 2006

The authors believe that the treatment of the severely mentally ill is too often provided within a fragmented system of care. They argue that a rational community mental health system requires a comprehensive and multifaceted conceptual framework to understand its structure and anticipate and develop future programmes. Such a conceptual framework must contain a template composed of: 1) cutting-edge treatments that emphasize recovery while recognizing the variability in potential functionality among individuals; 2) policy alternatives at the local and national levels; and 3) funding streams and sources. The book outlines the substantial challenges facing contemporary community mental health and addresses the following issues:

  • Best practices
  • Consumer perspectives
  • Diversity
  • Homelessness
  • Substance abuse
  • Policy

Experiences of mental health discrimination in New Zealand

D. Peterson and others

Health and Social Care in the Community, vol.15, 2007, p.18-25

The Like Minds, Like Mine campaign launched in 1997 is an ongoing initiative to combat discrimination against people with mental health problems in New Zealand. As part of the campaign a survey was undertaken to explore the nature of the discrimination faced by people with mental health problems. Respondents reported discrimination in all aspects of their lives, including rejection by friends and family (59%), discrimination in the labour market (34%) and in the mental health services (34%).

Mental health policy New Zealand style

J. Hall

Mental Health Review, vol.11, Dec. 2006, p.28-31

The population of New Zealand is small, densities vary, and a growing proportion is of non-European origin. This article gives a brief overview of the development of mental health policy and the organisation of services in this context.

Pathways to policy: developing inclusive mental health policy in Eastern Europe

J. Bureau and J. Shears

Mental Health Review, vol.11, Dec. 2006, p.32-35

Describes the Hamlet Trust’s Pathways to Policy programme launched in 2002 which is developing local mental health policy forums in the transition states of Eastern Europe and central Asia. These forums enable a range of stakeholders, including service users, to come together on equal terms to influence and contribute to local mental health policy. Presents a case study of the development of a policy forum in Tirana, Albania.

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