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Welfare reform on the Web (March 2007): Care of the elderly - Overseas

Modelling an entitlement to long-term care services for older people in Europe: projections for long-term care expenditure to 2050

L. Pickard and others

Journal of European Social Policy, vol. 17, 2007, p. 33-48

This article explores the consequences for long-term care expenditure of introducing a national entitlement to formal long-term care services for all moderately to severely dependent older people in Spain, Italy and the UK. The entitlement to care policy that was investigated also provided an opportunity to explore the economic consequences of assuming that all highly dependent older people in Germany received in-kind professional care instead of cash benefits. The impact on expenditure was found to vary between countries depending on whether some kind of entitlement to care already exists and the extent to which older people currently rely on informal care. The impact on long-term care expenditure would be least in Germany, which already has an entitlement to care offering a choice between in-kind and cash benefits, and greatest in Spain, where reliance on informal care is extensive and there is no existing entitlement to public services.

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