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Welfare reform on the Web (March 2007): Community regeneration and development - Overseas

Housing quality and neighborhood redevelopment: a study of neighborhood initiatives in Phoenix, Arizona

M. Dantico, S. Guhathakurta and A. Mushkatel

International Journal of Public Administration, vol.30, 2007, p.23-45

Recent years have seen efforts by Congress to eliminate the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) programme on the grounds of lack of evidence of its effectiveness. This study examines the impact of the use of CDBG monies in Phoenix, Arizona. Using housing condition surveys from 1994 to 2004, six Neighborhood Initiative Areas are examined to determine the effect of CDBG funds on housing quality in these areas. Results show a dramatic improvement in housing conditions in the targeted areas, as a result, in part, of use of CDBG funding.

Urban sustainable development, lower-income communities and transorganizational public administration

D. J. Blumenthal and E.J. Martin

International Journal of Public Administration, vol. 30, 2007, p.95-107

This article presents two case studies of how sustainable development can be used as a planning tool to create liveable communities for the lower income population. Liveable communities cut car use by offering both local jobs and good public transport links. They also provide good quality, affordable housing which reduces energy consumption, discourages urban sprawl, etc. They offer safe and welcoming public spaces and encourage community participation by residents.

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