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Welfare Reform on the Web (April 2007): Services for the disabled - UK

Obstacles and facilitative factors affecting community organizing on disability issues: case study of Lebanon

S. Wehbi

International Social Work, vol. 50, 2007, p. 67-78

The Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union (LHPU) was established in 1981 as an advocacy organisation to resist the oppression encountered by disabled people. This article uses a case study of LHPU to illustrate key issues faced by community organisations working on disability issues in Lebanon. The organisation adopts a rights and social justice perspective in its work; hence, its focus has been on creating the societal conditions necessary to foster the full inclusion of disabled people. This article explores the obstacles to its work and the factors that facilitate its efforts.

Real work for real pay: inclusive employment for people with disabilities

P. Wehman and others

London: Paul H. Brookes, 2007

The book advances a critical element of empowerment for people with disabilities: inclusive, competitive, and meaningful employment opportunities. It includes current best practices, employment theories and policies, and specific tools that support positive change in the workplace. The book stresses the benefits of real work for real pay for people with disabilities: economic well-being, improved social and work skills, and greater self esteem. It covers:

  • Implementing workplace supports such as assistive technology and personal assistants
  • Reconciling the different perspectives of employers and employees
  • Matching individual preferences to satisfying work
  • Helping individuals make alternative work arrangements, such as self-employment and telecommuting
  • Developing performance-based funding strategies for employment services
  • Forming strong partnerships with businesses and other agencies within the service system.
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