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Welfare Reform on the Web (April 2007): Homelessness - UK

Dishonourable discharges

A.U. Sale

Community Care, Mar. 8th-14th 2007, p. 26-27

With government pressurising hospitals to tackle bed-blocking through the introduction of fines, there is evidence that vulnerable homeless people are being discharged prematurely and without the involvement of agencies which have the expertise to help. They then end up back on the streets.

Homeless, young, talented

D. Harris and S. Perks

Community Care, Mar. 22nd - 28th 2007, p. 32-33

This article describes how a group of young people, each of whom had been homeless in the past, made a DVD about their experiences with the aim of improving services for people in the future.

Organisational issues facing a voluntary sector mental health service for homeless young people

H. Taylor, M. Stuttaford and P. Vostanis

Journal of Integrated Care, vol. 15, Feb. 2007, p. 37-47

The voluntary sector is well placed to offer non-stigmatising mental health services to homeless young people with mild or moderate problems who are hard to reach and may be distrustful of state agencies. This study examined the experiences of inter-agency practitioners in relation to a voluntary sector mental health service for young people living in foyers, thus establishing its strengths and the hurdles and challenges it faced. Challenges for the future included the clash of organisational cultures, the professional isolation of the mental health practitioners, and the lack of links with statutory mental health services.

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