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Welfare Reform on the Web (June 2007): Services for the disabled - UK

Getting new rights for families with disabled children: the Disabled Children (Family Support) Bill 2006

S. Broach

ChildRight, issue 235, 2007, p. 12-15

The Disabled Children (Family Support) Bill 2006 was a private members bill, backed by the Every Disabled Child Matters campaign, which highlighted the need for new rights to short breaks for families with severely disabled children. The Bill did not pass its second reading on 23rd February 2007 and is now highly unlikely to make progress, although it will be read again in June 2007.

Raised horizons

A.U. Sale

Community Care, May 3rd 2007, p. 32-33

Increasing the number of disabled people in employment has been a long-term government aim. However measures to help physically disabled people find a job are being hindered by employers’ negative attitudes and a lack of confidence among those wanting to work.

'We're not asking for anything special': direct payments and the carers of disabled children

C. Blyth and A. Gardner

Disability and Society, vol. 22, 2007, p. 235-249

The Community Care (Direct Payments) Act gave local authorities the discretionary power to provide disabled adults aged between 18 and 64 with cash payments in lieu of directly provided services. Subsequent legislation led to direct payments no longer only being available at the discretion of the local authority but becoming a service that councils now have a mandatory responsibility to offer to eligible users, including the carers of disabled children. This paper reports on a research project carried out within a local authority in North West England that has one of the largest numbers of carers of disabled children receiving direct payments in the UK. The research explored how the local authority made direct payments so widely available to carers and the effect that this has had on their own and their children’s lives.

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