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Welfare Reform on the Web (July 2007): Services for the disabled - UK

The employment situation of people with disabilities in Lebanon: challenges and opportunities

S. Wehbi and Y. El-Lahib

Disability and Society, vol. 22, 2007, p. 371-382

This study explored the employment situation of disabled people in the Bekaa region of Lebanon. The study was conducted as part of a larger community development project that saw the establishment of a job centre for people with disabilities. The majority of the study participants were unemployed, and many had never had a job. Other participants were self-employed, mostly working from home. Participants who were employed worked on a temporary basis for low wages without access to health or social benefits. If the situation of disabled people is to be improved, training opportunities need to be provided, employers’ attitudes need to be changed, and more research needs to be undertaken.

Models of disability, work and welfare in Australia

L. Humpage

Social Policy and Administration, vol. 41, 2007, p.215-231

In May 2005 the Australian Commonwealth government announced reforms aimed at increasing the number of Parenting Payment, mature age Newstart and Disability Support Pension recipients who undertake paid work by subjecting them to 'mutual obligation' requirements. This article considers the proposed changes to the Disability Support Pension, which were articulated in terms of improving the 'participation' and 'inclusion' of people with disabilities. This language shares some overlap with that used by disability advocates to promote the social model of disability, which focuses on the relationship between disabled people and their social environment and locates the required interventions within the realm of social policy. This article argues that, although they have been framed in the language of social inclusion, the reforms actually sit in tension with the social model of disability. This is because a central component of the reforms, mutual obligation, overlaps with and reinforces a medical model of disability in that both locate the problem with the individual and ignore the obligations of the state and society.

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