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Welfare Reform on the Web (August 2007): Community regeneration and development - UK

From coal mines to culture: utilising economic regeneration to maximise economic inclusion

A. Jobling

Local Economy, vol.22, 2007, p. 195-200

Gateshead Council has focused on culture as a mechanism for regenerating the local economy following the decline of heavy industry. Single Regeneration Budget funding was used to develop Gateshead Quayside, which included projects such as the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, the Millennium Bridge and the NewcastleGateshead Hilton. Fundamental to these projects was the creation of employment opportunities for unwaged residents from the most disadvantaged areas of the borough. The Council, Jobcentre Plus, Gateshead College and individual employers worked in partnership to set up a recruitment and training programme to open up job opportunities for unemployed local people.

Mutualising cash-in-hand? Social enterprise, informal economic activity and deprived neighbourhoods

M. Evans

Local Government Studies, vol. 33, 2007, p. 383-399

There have been increasing efforts since the publication of the Grabiner report in 2000 to clamp down on the informal economy. However, some efforts have also been made to assist those who wish to legitimise their informal activities. This paper argues for use of social enterprise support organisations to facilitate the formalisation of small businesses operating on a cash-in-hand basis in the black economy. Such an approach would help to tackle joblessness and social exclusion as well as generating further social economic activity in deprived neighbourhoods.

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