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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2007): Care of the elderly - overseas

Worlds apart? Public, private and non-profit sector providers of domiciliary care for older persons in Ireland

V. Timonen and M. Doyle

Journal of Aging Studies, vol. 21, 2007, p. 255-265

The demand for formal care services in Ireland is increasing as a result of population ageing, less availability of informal care from family and friends, increased affluence, and policy changes. The most significant recent changes in care provision are the emergence of private home care companies, the introduction of a new policy instrument (cash-for-care), and the professionalisation of non-profit providers. This article uses data from extensive interviews and focus groups to gain an insight into the nature of care work carried out by public, non-profit and private sector care workers, their terms and conditions of employment, their reasons for entering the home care sector, factors that contribute to or diminish their job satisfaction, their relationship with care recipients and their suggestions for improvements.

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