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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2007): Community regeneration and development - UK

The future role of the third sector in social and economic regeneration: final report

HM Treasury and Cabinet Offoce

London: TSO, 2007 (Cm 7189)

The government recognises the value of community and voluntary sector organisations in providing voice for under-represented groups, in campaigning for change, in creating strong, active and connected communities, in promoting social enterprise and in transforming the design and delivery of public services. The government wants to continue to work in partnership with the third sector to create conditions where organisations can grow and achieve their aims.

'There is a mantra of: 'community involvement is good', and we all tick the boxes and say we have done the consultation': health action zones and normative principles of government

S. Conway, P. Crawshaw and R. Bunton

Social Theory and Health, vol.5, 2007, p. 208-227

Many government initiatives assume the existence of a local community, with shared values and a sense of identity. This paper explores the experiences of the personnel of a Health Action Zone in attempting to engage the local community based on a series of in-depth interviews. It argues that the current governmental emphasis on community involvement absolves the state of responsibility for addressing inequalities in the distribution of power and income. Marginalised communities are relegated to the position of a local, rather than a national, problem.

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