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Welfare Reform on the Web (September 2007): Welfare state - UK

'Cunning, unprincipled, loathsome': the racist tail wags the welfare dog

G. Craig

Journal of Social Policy, vol. 36, 2007, p. 605-623

Argues that the British welfare state, despite occasionally warm rhetoric in official documents, has been consistently hostile to the presence of Black, Asian and other minorities. The welfare of Britain's minorities, measured in terms of social, economic and political outcomes, has been largely disregarded. Immigrants have been portrayed as undermining British culture and values and sponging on the welfare state, in spite of the fact that many institutions such as the NHS would collapse without their labour.

Earnings gap adds to welfare state's hard task

N. Timmins

Financial Times, Aug. 28th, 2007, p.3

A study by the LSE's Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion claims that the rapidly growing gap between high and low earners means that the modern welfare state has a tougher job to ensure that inequality stands still, let alone decreases. Cash benefits for children and pensioners help to maintain equality in these two groups. However, those without children and dependant on the state have seen their positions decline. Despite billions that have gone into tax credits and greater redistribution since 1948, rising pay rates for top earners is increasing inequality in Britain.

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