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Welfare Reform on the Web (October 2007): Care of the elderly - UK

Cleaned out by the ones you trust

N. Valios

Community Care, Aug. 30th 2007, p. 24-25

A recent government report on abuse of older people has revealed that financial abuse affects seven in 1000 elderly people in the UK and includes theft of money, possessions or property, fraud, embezzlement and extortion. Family members are the most common perpetrators, but financial abuse is also committed by home care workers. The police are reluctant to take action because of difficulties in collecting evidence that will stand up in court.

Two wrongs do not make a human right

B. Ferguson

Caring Times, Sept. 2007, p. 12

There has been much debate over use of the Human Rights Act to secure the rights of publicly funded residents of independent care homes. The author calls for an alternative approach, which would involve explicitly embedding the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights in existing care standards legislation. This would protect both self-funded and publicly funded residents.

Why Parliament should not extend the Human Rights Act to private care homes

P. Grose

Caring Times, Sept. 2007, p. 20-21

In June 2007 the House of Lords decided in the case of YL v Birmingham City Council and Others that private care home providers are not public authorities and are therefore not subject to the Human Rights Act 1998. This article examines current legal and regulatory protection available to residents in care homes and shows that any additional rights available under the Human Rights legislation would be more symbolic and illusory than real.

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