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Welfare Reform on the Web (October 2007): Homelessness - UK

Doctoring the house

S. Povey

Roof, Sept./Oct 2007, p. 40

An increasing number of local authorities are using external medical assessors to decide if homeless applicants are in priority need for health reasons. Questions about the accuracy of these assessments have been exercising the courts.

Off the streets and into work: ten key policy messages

M. Franceschelli

Working Brief, issue 186, 2007, p. 13-15

This article looks at recommendations by London homelessness charity Off the Streets and Into Work on how government could better enable homeless to gain employment. The charity argues for:

  1. more emphasis on a gradual transition towards employment, which requires a joined-up reform of welfare benefits, housing and the employment support system
  2. a cross government strategy to link employment, housing and health provision to improve the life chances of homeless people
  3. a review of the tax credit and housing benefit systems to take into account the needs of homeless people who experience long periods of unemployment.
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