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Welfare Reform on the Web (October 2007): National Health Service - funding

Everything to gain

H. Lawrence

Public Finance, Aug. 31st-Sept. 6th 2007, p. 17

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of those setting up a charitable company as a vehicle for expanding its private services without breaching the government imposed private patient cap. Any profit the private service makes will go to the charity which will use it for the benefit of NHS services.

Foundations accused of seeking to avoid income cap

S. Gainsbury

Public Finance, Aug. 17th-30th 2007, p. 14-15

NHS foundation trusts have been accused of circumventing the cap Parliament imposed on their private patient work by establishing arm's-length bodies (quasi-subsidiary charities or special purpose vehicles) through which income from private patients can be channelled. This income then does not show up in the Foundation trust's accounts.

My body, my budget

V. Alakeson

Public Finance, Aug. 17th-30th 2007, p. 24-25

This article argues in favour of the introduction of individual health care budgets into the NHS. These are allocations of public money to persons with chronic health conditions based on their level of need. They can then use the money to purchase goods and services. The flexibility of individual budgets means that each holder can develop a package of care tailored to their needs. However, there is strong resistance to the idea from ministers, in spite of their support of the idea of individual budgets for social care.

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