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Knowledge is Beautiful

Knowledge is Beautiful

When: Fri 21 Mar 2014, 18.30-20.00

Where: Conference Centre, British Library

Price: £8, (£6 Over 60s) and £5

Sold out for 21 Mar 2014, 18.30-20.00

David McCandless’s captivating graphic book Information is Beautiful brought data of all types to vivid life and became a remarkable bestseller. 

It is to be followed by Knowledge is Beautiful, a new trip into questions and facts on history, politics, science, literature and much more, all designed in his surprising visual style. At this special event linked to the British Library’s Beautiful Science exhibition, David explores some of his fantastic visualisations. 

David McCandless is an award-winning writer and journalist. His work has appeared in over 30 magazines in the UK and the US and all over the web. He currently works as creative consultant for Orange and the BBC and writes about the Internet, underground culture and ‘anything interesting’ for Wired and The Guardian.