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Protecting the big picture

Protecting the big picture

When: Thu 27 Mar 2014, 10.00-12.00

Where: British Library Business & IP Centre

Price: Free

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Do you know how to share your creative work without being copied? An understanding of intellectual property is vital for anyone producing works - whether it's film, photography or design.

This is an informative and interactive event about the lucrative benefits and implications of protecting your creative work.

Discussion topics covered:

• Image copyright
• Sharing work from the Internet
• How exchange of artists work can sometimes infringe on their copyright

There will be an opportunity to ask questions and meet with other like-minded creative practitioners.

In partnership with ACID, Anti Copying in Design.

About ACID

Designers created ACID in 1996 for designers and manufacturers who uphold the value of original design. ACID is committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for IP within individual and corporate responsibility and creating a safer trading environment for its members. By encouraging design talent and nurturing and developing fairer trade in design, ACID helps members protect their livelihoods to maximise growth and minimise IP infringement.

About the speakers

Maria Lampert is a Business & IP Centre information expert and former Chair of the UK Patent Library Network. Maria regularly presents the Centre’s series of intellectual property workshops. She is an accredited business adviser at the Centre. She has worked with a diverse range of business ideas from all sectors, especially helping those at start-up level.

Dids Macdonald is CEO of ACID. With over 30 years experience within the design sector, she launched ACID because her products were consistently copied. ACID began as a round table action group and is now an organisation representing over 1200 design-led companies within the creative industries. Dids is also Vice Chair of the Alliance for Intellectual Property.

Gavin Llewellyn is a partner at Davenport Lyons specialising in a broad range of IP rights, with a particular focus on brand and design protection and on helping clients deal with contentious issues and business risks related to IP. He is also an expert on privacy and legal issues arising from the use of social media.

This event is part of Spring Festival – The Library’s annual celebration of film, fashion and design