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Digital Data and Artistic Expression

DIGITAL ART 25c (2) by Acrylictouch CC BY-SA 3.0

When: Wed 10 Sep 2014, 18.00-20.15

Where: Terrace Restaurant

Price: Free

Computational methods for the creation and interpretation of digital Data is an established activity among researchers in all fields of scholarship. Huge amounts of information collected from multiple digital resources are used and combined by scientists, helping them to approach their research questions from interesting angles and innovative perspectives. But the fact is that digital Data is moving beyond research practices to become an inspirational motif in other areas, as it is the case of contemporary artistic expression. Artists are integrating digital Data into their work, helping to translate large amounts of information into meaningful content to their audiences.

Our next Digital Conversations event brings artists and researchers together in order to discuss how digital Data is is defining the new aesthetic expression of our age.

Attendance is free, but demand is high and places are strictly limited. Book your ticket now to avoid disappointment.


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