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Talking Statues: Isaac Newton

When: Tues 19 Aug 2014 – Tues 18 Aug 2015

Where: Piazza

Cost: Free

As part of Talking Statues, the statue of Isaac Newton on our Piazza will talk to strangers. Simply swipe your smartphone on the tag nearby, and get a call from the famous scientist.

Writer Timberlake Wertenbaker has written Newton’s monologue, which has been animated by the actor Simon Russell Beale.

Isaac Newton is part of Talking Statues, a new initiative which sees 35 statues animated across London and Manchester. The producers, Sing London have commissioned some of the nation’s most celebrated writers to pen monologues for a range of iconic statues. The statues have been animated by a cast of actors and comedians. To hear the statues talk, you’ll need to pay them a visit. The groundbreaking technology is powered by Antenna Lab and can be accessed using any Smart Phone.