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Poetry in Sound: The Music of Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)

until 15 September 2013

Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten is often described as the greatest English composer since Purcell.  His compositional output spans almost every musical genre, from opera to string quartets to solo songs.  Instantly recognisable, his music is imbued with the spirit of his time and place, yet it transcends cultural and geographical boundaries.  This exhibition explores the poetic and literary influences on his distinctive musical sound world, including his creative collaboration with W.H. Auden and his settings of texts by such authors as William Blake, Wilfred Owen, Alfred Lord Tennyson and William Shakespeare. Alongside the manuscripts of some of Britten’s most celebrated compositions, the exhibition will feature photographs, concert programmes, and hitherto unpublished recordings of his music. 

To mark Britten's centenary, the British Library has also digitised all of its Britten manuscripts, which are now available online in a special arrangement with the rights-holders. 

This event is part of Britten 100 celebrating the centenary of Benjamin Britten in 2013

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