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The International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference: Day Two

Sat 19 Jul 2014, 10.00–17.00

Conference Centre, British Library

£35, (£28 Over 60s) and £25

Mike Carey

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09.00-09.30 Registration


09.30-10.30  Keynote Address: Scott Bukatman (Stanford University) – The Problem of Appearance in Goya’s Los Capichos, and Mignola’s Hellboy


10.30-11.30 Parallel Panels


Panel 1:  Intertextuality and Postmodernism

  • Kat Lombard-Cook – Experiments with Form: Comics’ Relationship with Literary Postmodernism
  • Matt Green – Recalling Radical Intertextuality: The many worlds of Bryan Talbot


Panel 2: Psychoanalysis and Surrealism

  • Dan Smith – Uncanny returns of the horror comic in the work of Hannah Berry and Gareth Brookes.
  • Mark P Williams – Systematic Disloyalty to Local Civilization: Surrealism and the Gothic as Contra-Culture in Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell, and David Britton and John Coulthart’s Reverbstorm


Panel 3: Subverting East/West Ideologies

  • Will Grady – Subverting the West: Transforming the Frontier in Western Comics
  • Chuckie Patel – Bestial Paradises: The Cyclical Pattern of Communist Utopias in Fables - Animal Farm and Superman Red Son


11.30-12.00  Refreshments


12.00-13.15  Parallel Panels


Panel 1: Drawing the Line: Women and Boy's Love in Taiwan and the UK

  • Anna Madill – Women Fantasize Pederastic Love: A Subgenre of Boys’ Love Manga
  • Lin Chi-Shiou – Comparing the Gender Traits of Female Boys’ Love Fans and Romance Readers
  • Tien-yi Chao – ‘Dangerous Butler Love!’: Eroticising the Master-Servant Relationship in Blue Morning


Panel 2: Political dissent: testimony, reporting

  • Leonora Flis – 9/11 Nonfiction Graphic Narratives and Comics Journalism as Testimonies to Terror and Trauma
  • Kenan Koçak –Politics in Comics Journalism
  • Tasos Anastasiades and Michael Ide – The Fascista - a graphic novel from Cyprus


Panel 3: Rebel Girls

  • Laura McCalla – Positioning Heroism and Villainy in Contemporary Culture: Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis
  • Kelly Kanayama – Deadly Little Bodies: Silence and the Asian Female Assassin in Contemporary Comics
  • Nicola Streeten – Feminist Fluff: The legacy of feminist cartoons of 1980’s Britain


13.15-14.15  Lunch


14.15-15.30  Parallel Panels


Panel 1: Beyond "Popular": Manga as Radical Representation of Socio-Political Issues (Chair: Ian Gordon, University of Singapore)

  • Monica Setuyo Okamoto – The social representation of immigrants in Japanese manga
  • Fusami Ogi – Are Shojo Manga (Manga for Girls) Political?
  • Hiraishi Noriko – Cross-Dressing, Crossing Gender? : The Impact of Princess Knight (Ribon no Kishi) in the 1960s
  • Raj Lakhi Sen – Boys’ Love Genre: The Adoption System as an Instrument for Clandestine Marriage


Panel 2: Political Dissent: Censorship and reading

  • Antonio Martin – Political and Subversive Comics during Spain’s Transition to Democracy (1975-1982)
  • Pavel Kořínek – Get rid of the balloons! Censorship of comics in Czech – and Eastern Bloc – context: rules and formal consequences
  • Louisa Buck – Joking aside… Hegemony and the political cartoon


Panel 3: Violence and atrocity

  • Laurike in t’Veld – Visualizing Violence: Atrocity Panels in Jaxon’s “Nits Make Lice”
  • John Harnett – Lacerated Frames and the Ambivalence of Iconic Representation: Analysing the Stylistic Techniques used to highlight Sexualised Violence in Watchmen and Lone Wolf and Cub.
  • Andreas Stuhlmann and Sebastian Bartosch – Anarchy of Reading: Order, transgression, subversion in contemporary comics.


15.30-16.00 Refreshments


16.00-17.00 Roundtable discussion with Mike Carey and Dave Baillie


17.00           Wine Reception


Informal evening meal

David Baillie