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The International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference: Day Three

Sun 20 Jul 2014, 11.30–16.00

Conference Centre, British Library

£30, (£24 Over 60s) and £21

Marshall Law ©Copyright Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill

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11.00-11.15  Registration


11.15-12.15 Parallel Panels


Panel 1: Experiments in narration

  • Simon Grennan and Ian Hague – It’s a book! It’s a game! It’s Building Stories! Play, Plot and Narration in Graphic Narratives
  • Paul Davies – Making Sense in Wonderland: On the comics-nature of the Codex Seraphinianus


Panel 2: Understanding Comics Form

  • John Miers – Depiction and demarcation in comics: towards an account of the medium as a drawing practice
  • Jesús Jimenez Varea – What Do we Mean by “Comics”? Mapping the Research Object




Panel 3:  Making Meaning

  • Roberto Bartual – The Effects of LSD in Comic Grammar: the Cases of Timothy Leary and Alan Moore
  • Ariel Kahn – Sex, Death and Surrealism; A Lacanian reading of the short fiction of Koren Shadmi and Rutu Modan


12.15-13.00  Lunch


13.00-14.30  Parallel Panels


Panel 1: Producing Cultural Values

  • Antonio Venezia – Rubbish Comics: Transvaluation and ‘Tijuana Bibles’
  • Nina Mickwitz – The Value of Friction
  • Maheen Ahmed and Martin Lund – Pantheonic Bricolage: Multiculturalism and Civil Religion in Marvel’s Fear Itself


Panel 2: Comics at University: Institution meets Fringe

  • Jakob F. Dittmar – Experiments with narrative forms
  • Petra Ragnestam – Teaching literature through comics
  • Gunner Krantz – Developing comics in the classroom


14.30-15.00  Refreshments


15.00-16.00  Parallel Panels


Panel 1: Reading and creating non linear narratives

  • Resa Noel – Students’ active transfer of conventional narratives into graphic narratives: A linear process? 
  • Andrew Godfrey – Reclaiming, reimagining, and rebuilding: Comics as transformative texts


Panel 2: Designing comics

  • Roger Dale Jones – Video Game Fan-Comics as Designed Multimodal and Multimedial Communication
  • Evangelina Moula – Comics’ talk about comics’ industry: revelatory instances from within


Panel 3: Digital Comics

  • Alison Gazzard and Daniel Goodbrey – Electricomics: A Collaborative Digital Comics Case Study
  • Joanna Kucharska – Crowdfunding Caped Crusaders: analysing the new platforms for funding, promoting and distributing comics in the digital age


16.00-17.00  Roundtable - Five years on

Where to from here and the British Library’s support of comics scholarship


17.00           Close