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Exhibition galleries FAQs

Why is the exhibition space so dark?

Our exhibitions display objects which are sensitive to light, which may cause them to fade or discolour. In order to preserve them, we have reduced the lighting.

Why is photography not allowed in the exhibition?

There are a number of reasons why photography is not allowed. Some of the items on display are on loan from other institutions or although part of the Library’s collections, privately owned. In both cases permission would need to be sought before the items could be photographed. Some of the items have legally enforceable Copyright issues forbidding photographs from being taken.  In addition, the effect of flash light to the items is cumulative and damaging over time. Finally, feedback from our visitors indicates that many people do not enjoy our exhibitions as much when others are taking photographs or filming.

Why are the exhibition labels so small?

We are sorry that some people are having difficulties with the legibility of the labels. The body text of the label is the size that we normally use, and when we tested the labels no issues were raised.  However, we do take access issues very seriously and will look at this closely for future exhibitions. Sets of large print labels are freely available in the gallery.

Why is the exhibition so busy?

The exhibition is busiest at the weekends after midday. Please come earlier in the day or during the week if you can. We have a late night opening on Tuesday until 20.00.

How long will it take to see the exhibition?

There are over 200 items in the Comics Unmasked exhibition. We advise that you will need about 90 minutes to see everything although some people spend just half an hour and some more than three hours. Please bear this in mind if you are planning to come towards the end of the day.