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The Music of War: 1914–1918 (3-day pass)

Fri 29 Aug 2014 – Sun 31 Aug 2014, Fri 09.30-20.00; Sat 9.30-19.30; Sun 10.30-17.15

Conference Centre, British Library

£60 / £40 concessions

The Music of War: 1914–1918

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An international conference to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War One

From the sound of artillery to the drone of Zeppelins, those living through World War One were only too familiar with the sounds of war, whether on the home or fighting fronts. These ominous sounds of death and destruction formed a backdrop to the alternative sounds of war: music-making. For civilians and soldiers alike, music of all kinds played a central part in the battle, whether as entertainment, as a powerful means to boost morale, as a vehicle of government propaganda, as a therapeutic tool, or as part of commemoration rituals. 

The centenary of the war is a timely opportunity to reconsider the fundamental role of music and musicians during the exceptional circumstances of 1914–1918. Speakers from 12 countries will consider the contribution of music in all its forms to the war, whether Western Art or popular music, on the home or fighting fronts, and in combatant or non-combatant countries. The event will also include a concert and wine reception, and access to the screening of Pax Aeterna. Full programme details:

Supported by the Royal Musical Association and the Music & Letters Trust