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Manuscripts illuminate a lost world of spirituality and splendor

Digital Review

When George II gifted the Old Royal Library to the new British Museum in 1757 he gave more than just a set of books, he provided an insight into the minds of Kings of England stretching back almost a thousand years.

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Royal Manuscripts at the British Library


Tom Jeffreys explores a fascinating and beautiful insight into medieval monarchical power relations.

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Exhibition Review: Royal Manuscripts at the British Library

History Today blog

In 1757 George II gave around 2,000 of his manuscripts to the British nation. More than half of these were decorated...

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The Middle Ages in colour

BBC News

Some of them were created more than 1000 years ago, and yet the palette of colours used by the artists arguably remains as bright and colourful as when they were first painted

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Medieval monarchs' books showcased by British Library

Guardian / Observer books season

For more than 600 years England's medieval monarchs – many of them better known for their belligerence than their scholarship – collected illuminated manuscripts

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A feast for the senses

Times Higher Education

Paul Binski savours some magnificent illuminated books collected by English kings and queens - take a long, close look, he advises

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Might be worth a look, Wills

Mail Online

If the Duke of Cambridge is looking for a little guidance on how to behave once he inherits the throne, he should head straight to the British Library

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History and Heritage picks for November 2011

Culture 24

The clue is in the subtitle of this exhibition, which showcases some truly spectacular illuminated manuscripts collected by the Kings and Queens of England

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Royal Manuscripts at British Library

View London

An exhibition of royal manuscripts at British Library goes on show this winter to showcase the Library's very own royal collection

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Illuminated manuscripts light up medieval monarchs


Flecks of gold and vibrant swirls of royal blue grace the pages of illuminated royal manuscripts at the British Library in London, which will shortly go on show to the public.


Exhibition in focus: Royal Manuscripts, British Library

Telegraph Travel

The British Library's Royal Manuscripts exhibition brings ancient illustrated manuscripts back to shimmering, captivating life.

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