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Sound edit: Wildlife film competition

Image: John Maloney

In October 2012, we launched our competition for animators, short filmmakers and photographers at the London Film Festival, inspired by our wildlife sounds collection.

All is not what it seems in the world of wildlife sounds. Out of context, a haddock under water sounds like a snare drum, an American bullfrog sounds like vibrating wires and bats sound like human beatboxers.

The deadline for the competition was 30 November 2012, and we’ve now shortlisted ten of our favourite ideas. They range from the social mobility of farmers, animals that are visually fused with instruments, a 30-years old man who never gave up his dream to make wildlife documentaries to a barren asphalt landscape.

View the shortlisted ideas on our blog

We will choose the winning film in February and it will be screened during our British Library Spring Festival Future Shorts event on Saturday 2 March.