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Sir John Ritblat Gallery: Treasures of the British Library: Maps and views

Map of the world, in Ranulf Higden's PolychroniconItems listed on this page are, at the time of writing, on display in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery: Treasures of the British Library in our London building. Entry is free of charge.







Maps CC.7.a.34Watercolour of part of Bedfordshire, William Fisher, c.1820
Maps OSDOrdnance Surveyor Drawing, 1800
Maps K.Top 124.supp.56-7Trompe de l’oeil, Schiller. MS, c.1760
Maps S.T.A.29  Map of Amsterdam, Anthoonitz. Woodcut, 1544
Maps *63000.(1.)  A map of Tōkiō (Yedo) and the surrounding country, Shōtei Kinsui, 1800
Maps 177.L2  Copper plate of Hull by Wenceslas Hollar
Maps K.Top 44.32Map of Hull, by Hollar (print from item above)
Maps 184.g.2.(11.Gibraltar watercolour, William Test
Maps 188.v.36  Japanese fan  
Maps C.21.d.14Miniature globe with armillary sphere c.1700