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Sir John Ritblat Gallery: Treasures of the British Library: Science

Notebook sketch by Leonardo from the Codex ArundelItems listed on this page are, at the time of writing, on display in the Sir John Ritblat Gallery: Treasures of the British Library in our London building. Entry is free of charge.





C.112.c.3, pp.16-17Galileo, Sidereus Nuncius. 1610  
Egerton MS 48, f.32 ($669E)Galileo letter to Bocchineri, 5 March 1633
Add.MS 15513, f.20 (Cup 056C)Webber, A View of Aimeo Harbour [Papetoai Bay], with the 'Resolution' and the 'Discovery', October 1777
Add MS 15514, f.8Webber, A View of Snug Corner Cove, May 1778, with the 'Resolution' and the 'Discovery' in the sound,
Egerton MS 2177A, f.448 ($670C)James Cook, Journal, 16 May 1778
Add.MS 88942/1/193, f.90 (5012H)Fox Talbot notebook
 Fox Talbot photo of flower (facsimile)
Add.51033, f.79v (Z.7.4.D.4)Scott diary
Add.MS 51042, f.2 (Z.7.4.D.4)Photo of Scott, Evans, Oates & Wilson hauling sledge
Add MS 56162, f.15 (955B)Fleming notebook
Add.56209A (Z.74A)Facsimile petrie dish
Add.MS 83843, (30 August entry) (3024C)Anne McLaren lab notebook on embryo research 1953