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Floor plans

Find out about the facilities available in the British Library at St Pancras.

General enquiries | Cloakroom | Luggage restrictions | Toilets | Telephones | Exhibition galleries | Shop | Café and Restaurant | Emergency procedures | Further information

Floor plans are available at the Information Desk to help visitors find their way around the building . If you wish to obtain a copy before visiting please email Visitor-Services

 General enquiries

There is an Information Desk in the Entrance Hall where staff can help you with questions about the public services, events and facilities.


The cloakroom is situated on the lower ground floor. Coats and bags can be deposited in the cloakroom, although storage space is limited and metal-framed items and bags larger than 0.5m in any dimension cannot be accepted.

 Lockers and secure coat rails for daily use are also available. The lockers are operated by a 1 pound coin which is returnable.

 Luggage restrictions

We restrict the size of luggage you can bring into the St Pancras site to airline ‘carry on’ size. This is to discourage non-Library users from taking advantage of our luggage facilities. The ‘carry on’ size is 56cm (h) x 45cm (w) x 25cm (l), and there is a size gauge outside our entrance, so you can check if your bags will fit.

Please note that this size restriction does not apply to pushchairs, foldaway bicycles, umbrellas or walking sticks.


There are toilets on all floors of the Library, including adapted toilets for those with disabilities.


Public telephones are situated in the cloakroom on the lower ground floor and in the Conference Centre. A Text telephone is available at the Information Desk.

 Exhibition galleries

To the left of the Entrance Hall is the entrance to the exhibition galleries. A lift gives access to the upper and lower levels.

There are audio, visual and tactile displays. The lighting levels are low to help conserve the exhibits. The galleries can feel cool for some people so please wear sufficient clothing for your comfort.

Large-print copies of labels for the display cases are available on request from the Information Desk in the Entrance Hall.


To the left of the Entrance Hall is the Shop, open seven days a week to everyone.

 Café and Restaurant

The Café and Restaurant overlook the King's Library at the rear of the Entrance Hall. The Café is on the upper ground floor. The Restaurant, to which there is lift access, is on the first floor.

 Emergency procedures

Should it be necessary to evacuate the building a continuous alarm will sound. Security staff will assist visitors to leave the galleries and all other public spaces.

 Further information

If you have further needs or require more information, please contact Visitor Services: