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W T Stead Lecture: James Harding

James Harding (Director of BBC News & Current Affairs and former editor of The Times) gave the first W.T. Stead Lecture.

As the opening of the British Library's new News and Media Reading room approaches, James Harding surveys journalism today. We now have more ways than ever before to access the news, but how does this affect the way that news is produced, communicated and consumed? With experience in both print and broadcast journalism, Harding reflects upon the place of news in a changing media landscape.

The W.T. Stead Lectures are named in honour of the pioneering and tenacious journalist who met an untimely death onboard the Titanic. Stead explored what journalism could be in his time; the W.T. Stead Lectures continue to explore journalism in ours. The Stead Lectures are funded from the proceeds of W.T. Stead: Newspaper Revolutionary, a centenary conference organised by Laurel Brake, Ed King, Roger Luckhurst and James Mussell.

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